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SFS can provide fastener performance data specific for your project or application.

SFS offer a service to determine the intended fastener performance into the site-specific substrate. This can be in the form of on-site pull testing or if project substrate materials can be supplied, this can be completed at the SFS premises in Leeds with dedicated test equipment.

Site testing is mainly tested to destruction, however at the request of a structural engineer, this can also be a non-destructive test in the form of a proof test with pre-determined calculateePortald loads.

Site testing covers a range of systems though, are mainly the following:
  • Flat roofing mechanically fixed systems (decking, insulation, single ply membrane)
  • Rainscreen façade supporting framework (helping hand bracketry to masonry)

Site testing also covers the sealing element (where applicable) to ensure the fasteners are providing both a weather seal and/or an air seal in the form of a vacuum test. This test involves creating a vacuum over the fastener heads and washer to ensure that the suction load applied is constant, indicating a correct seal is achieved.

All test requests (destructive, proof and vacuum) must be requested and logged on the SFS ePortal, where customers can have 24/7 access. The ePortal will update you via automated emails at each stage of the test process: 
  • Request
  • Allocation
  • Planned date
  • Completion

After you have been set up on the ePortal, you will be able to create a library of projects where you can access all information relevant to the project.

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